Survive A Global Pandemic Coronavirus

Survive A Global Pandemic Coronavirus Butler Study


A new Butler Study shows that most likely you will be affected by Coronavirus if you live in a place like [A City] but if you live in a Place Like [The Country] you have a better chance of surviving a global pandemic.

Consider buying a house in the country if you can. If not maybe you can go back home and stay with Mom and Dad till these hard day’s pass of course if they have a country house. However if these options wouldn’t work you may consider an exclusive Bed and Breakfast in the Country, where there are an abundance of.

Here are some numbers to think about:

Cherry Creek, New York Population 441 (2017) |Vs.| 8.623 million (2017) in New York City.

Please Note: We have enough toilet paper even though we can survive without it.

You are welcome to come and stay with us even though we are not trying to get more bookings these days since we want to try and flatten the curve. By posting this, we are just trying to raise the awareness of ways to help you have some comic relief. But, please keep us in mind for future bookings.


Thank you for reading the Butler Study and we wish you all to pass this hard time in peace and good health.

Stay Healthy

BUTLER HOUSE at The Cherry Creek Inn

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